The current state of ICT in Qatari Schools

(Activity 1.3.5)

It’s very interesting to see that internationally, many schools are struggling in the same areas of ICT development. The fact of the matter appears to be that everyone has embraced technology whole heartedly and we as people have become more reliant on technology, yet the state of teaching with ICT in schools is something that still appears to be struggling. As highligted in the EU Schoolnet Survey (2011-12) into ICT Organisation within schools, it is clear that teachers are technologically aware and have a good understanding of how technology works, but they are yet to explore efficient and effective ways to use the technology in teaching and learning.

As a teacher in Qatar, I was interested to see that Dr. Gary Stager in an interview with ictQatar, Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, highlighted nine concepts that can transform schools and learning. Stager agrees that people are technologically capable, but struggle to implement good strategies and working practices to ensure effective delivery of curriculums with the use of ICT. His nine points are almost a prescription for schools (in Qatar or otherwise) to administer in order to ensure the educational development of students through ICT.

The article can be found here: schools

A full interview which can be found here:

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