Use of ICT in different settings

(Activity 1.3.1)

An Analytical survey conducted by UNESCO’s Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) explored the origins, settings and initiatives of ICT teaching within schools that had successfully implemented teaching and learning through the use of ICT. What is interesting about this report is that it compared a number of schools around the world that are working in different environmets; whether they be in the form of catering for mainly SEN students or dealing with funding issues. I was drawn to a particular school in the study called ELTE Gusztav Barczi SEN Elementary School in Hungary.

Here are my personal observations of the report:

I found that a common theme within all of the schools within this study I found was that these schools were making excellent use of the ICT that was avilable to them and not necessarily trying to adopt strategies that would mean changing the way they delivered the curriculum; rather technology was used as a tool to facilitate the curriculum, not dictate it.

All of the schools appeared to have been very open to changes in the traditional methods, for example, ELTE Gusztav Barczi SEN Elementary School regularly encouraged teachers to get ICT CPD and build ties with international teaching communities. Sharing good practice and remaining up-to-date and well versed in technological developments in my opinion is key.

Additionally, schools like ELTE Gusztav Barczi SEN Elementary School didn’t undertake the journey of ICT integration within their curriculum alone, they built good relationships with stakeholders like the ELTE university that allowed them to develop bespoke applications which served the school as well as the university students.

It’s nice to see that through open-mindedness and collaboration the ELTE Gusztav Barczi SEN Elementary School has managed to work with a number of stakeholders to improve the quality of teaching and learning in a way that benefits all involved.

Below is the overview of the school’s use of ICT taken from the UNESCO report:

ELTE School

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