Going Beyond the Classroom

Its always nice to leave the classroom and do something different – unfortunately with current curriculum constraints and the inability of many teachers to facilitate any other learning within their schemes of work, it seems that we as teachers often struggle to engage students in different areas and facilitate things that actually go beyond the classroom.

Thankfully there is some hope – This week I have come to realise that there are a number of organisations that help teachers with the tools and resources that they need in order to take that step beyond the classroom, a step that I also intend to take whole-heartedly in the new academic year, at the same time being able to deliver the requirements of my students’ curriculum needs.

The UNESCO project on ICT in Primary Education (and this can just as easily be applied to secondary and college contexts), there are a number of initiatives highlight major international associates that provide information, resources and CPD and opportunities to exchange ideas and for educators to collaborate and engage in projects with students in different countries.

Some initiatives that are available around the world that schools may get involved with and some that I will certainly like to follow up and engage in on a personal level to help improve my teaching practice:

  • International Society for Technology in Education – Developed standards for ICT literacy
  • Microsoft Partners in Learning – Offer resources and expert advice and participation for educators
  • Intel Teach
  • eTwinning – Opportunities for teachers across Euroope offers teachers to collaborate in various events
  • iEarn – Not for Profit organization that allow schools to work together on various projects

Others country specific examples include:

  • Future Schools (Singapore)
  • PlanCeibal (Uruguay)
  • JEI (Jordon)

Lets see how things go… my first step would be create my Microsoft Educator account… here goes!

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